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Isabela - Rice Granary Of The North



Isabela, the second largest among the Philippines' 80 provinces, is located on the northeastern seaboard of the island of Luzon – the biggest among the 7,107 islands comprising the Philippine archipelago. Its capital is the City of Ilagan. This primarily agricultural province is the rice and corn granary of Luzon due to its plain and rolling terrain. In 2012, the province was declared as the country's top producer of corn with 1,209,524 metric tons.

The province of Isabela is dubbed as the new "Rice Granary of the Philippines." It is blessed with water as complementary natural resources through the Magat River Integrated Irrigation System that irrigates about 85,000 hectares of farmlands favoring the large-scale production of premium quality grain crops like rice and corn. With the sustainability of its golden yields, the province was awarded Top Corn Producer in the Philippines and second in rice production.

Quick facts


Vice Governor:FAUSTINO D.G. DY III

POPULATION:1,593,566 (As of 2015)

GEOGRAPHY: Situated within the Cagayan Valley region, it is bordered by the provinces of Aurora on the southeast, Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya on the southwest, Ifugao and Mountain Province on the west, Kalinga on the northwest, Cagayan on the north and the Pacific Ocean on the east. With a total land area of 10,655 square kilometers comprising more the 3% of the Philippine territory and almost 40% of the Cagayan Valley region, Isabela is the largest province on Luzon Island.

CITY: 3 (Cauayan City, Ilagan City, Santiago City)

TOWNS/MUNICIPALITIES:34 (Alicia,Angadanan,Aurora,Benito Soliven,Burgos,Cabagan,Cabatuan,Cordon,Delfin Albano (Magsaysay),Dinapigue,Divilacan,Echague,Gamu,Jones,Luna,Maconacon,Mallig,Naguilian,Palanan,Quezon,Quirino,Ramon,Reina Mercedes,Roxas,San Agustin,San Guillermo,San Isidro,San Manuel,San Mariano,San Mateo,San Pablo,Santa Maria,Santo Tomas,Tumauini)


LANGUAGE: Ilokano, Tagalog, Ibanag, Yogad, Gaddang

RELIGION: Roman Catholic (30%) Protestant (30%) Iglesia ni Cristo (30%) others (10%)

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