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Chen Laiping visited the Province of Benguet


Chen Laiping, Consul & Head of Post (Right) and Gov. Nestor Fongwan

On February 9th, Chen Laiping, Consul & Head of Post paid a friendly visit to province of Benguet and met Gov. Nestor Fongwan in La Trinidad, capital of Benguet.

Chen thanked Gov. Fongwan for giving up his weekend for this meeting and congratulated him for winning the midterm election. Chen briefly introduced the political system of China and the great economic and social development achieved ever since the adoption of reform and opening-up policy. Collaborating policies towards overseas Chinese, Chen was looking forward to building up friendly relations with the provincial government of Benguet, enhancing bilateral exchange and cooperation, and doing its possible to render necessary service.

Warmly welcoming Chen's visit to the province, Gov. Fongwan highly appreciated Chinese government for its close attention and effective policies towards overseas Chinese.

Gov. Fongwan said, local Filipino-Chinese communities were united and hard-working, they made great contribution to the economic and social development of the province, and benefited local Filipinos. Considering many residents here got Chinese blood, Gov. Fongwan suggested them review the struggling family history and pass it generation by generation. Gov. Fongwan said himself was half Chinese, his father came from Taishan city, Guangdong Province and his mother was a local Filipino, and he still got some relatives in Taishan.

 Province of Benguet

Province of Benguet straddles on the Cordillera mountain ranges. The climate here is quite pleasant and it holds claim as the "Salad Bowl of the Philippines" because of the huge production of upland vegetables.

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