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Chen Laiping meet with the two volunteers coming to teach Chinese in Laoag City


On May 29, Chen Laiping, Consul & Head of Post met with Tang Luyue and Ye Huoxia, the two volunteers coming to teach Chinese in Laoag City. Chen warmly welcomed Tang and Ye, encouraging them to overcome difficulties and work hard, moreover, devote themselves to native education, particularlly the Chinese teaching program. Consul Chen also expected Tang and Ye be modest and learn from natives and local teachers, at the same time, serve as the herald of friendly relations between the two peoples, propagating classsic Chinese culture and bringing great credit to their motherland. "The Consulate is their home and you are welcomed at any time", Chen told Tang and Ye.

Both Tang and Ye were graduated from Xiamen Jimei University last year, and this was their first trip to the Philippines. Being pioneers in Chinese teaching in the history of Laoag City, Tang and Ye also expressed the willingness to do their best and by no means, disappoint people's expectations.

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