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Chinese Consul and Head of Post to Laoag Wang Jianqun Met with Shandong Delegation



On April 3rd, 2017, Chinese Consul and Head of Post to Laoag Mme. Wang Jianqun met with the Shandong Provincial Delegation led by Mr. Wang Junmin, Deputy Head of Rural Work Leading Group of Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Deputy Head of the Comprehensive Reform Leading Group of Shandong Provincial Committee of CPC. 


Consul Wang (fifth from left) and Governor Marcos (third from right) with Delegation Leader Wang (fourth from right) and others 


Consul Wang expressed warm welcome to the delegation and congratulated the latter for the full success of the visit. Consul Wang briefed the delegation on the current state of the Sino-Philippine relations. "During President Duterte's state-visit to China last October, leaders of the two countries reached consensus on the principles guiding the future development of bilateral relations between the two countries. Since then, the Sino-Philippine relationship has been moving on the right track. The visit to Ilocos Norte by the Shandong Delegation is an important one to implement the consensus reached in Beijing." said Consul Wang. She further pointed out that both Shandong and Ilocos Norte are large provinces with strong features and identities. The two economies are complementary to each other. There are big potentials in the agricultural and economic cooperation between the two provinces. The Chinese Consulate in Laoag as always stands ready to assist in this regard.


 Delegation Leader Wang and Governor Marcos sign the Action Plan 


Delegation Leader Wang Junmin thanked Consul Wang for her hospitality and briefed her about Shandong's economic and social development in recent years. "We in Shandong attach great importance to our sister Province of Ilocos Norte. There has been frequent exchange of visits between the two provinces since the sister relationship was forged in 2002. In the new era, we want to cooperate with Ilocos Norte in the fields of agriculture, fishery, tourism, culture and education so as to raise the livelihood of our two peoples." said the Delegation Leader.

The Shandong Delegation visited Ilocos Norte on April 2-3, 2017, at the invitation of Hon. Governor Imee Marcos. During their short stay, they attended the welcoming dinner hosted by the Hon. Governor Imee Marcos, the Match-making Conference on Agriculture and Business and the Signing Ceremony of the Action Plan for Friendly Cooperation between Ilocos Norte and Shandong Province (2017-2018). The delegation also paid visits to Mangato Mango Plantation, Vintar Mango Plantation, Chinese Hybrid Rice Production Area, MMSU and PhilRice. Both officials of the delegation as well as the accompanying businessmen and entrepreneurs showed great interest in entering concrete cooperation with Ilocos Norte. Consul and Head of Post Mme. Wang Jianqun accompanied the delegation throughout the visit.

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