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Chinese Consul and Head of Post to Laoag Wang Jianqu Visited the Batanes State College


At the invitation of Dr. Edwin Macaballun, President of the Batanes State College, Chinese Consul and Head of Post to Laoag Mme. Wang Jianqun paid a visit to the college on March 24, 2017. During the visit, Consul Wang addressed the faculty and students of the college, atteded the Ribben-cutting Ceremony of the New Computer Room and discussed with President Macaballun on ways to further developing exchanges and cooperation between colleges in China and the Batanes State College.

In her address to the college faculty and students, Consul Wang spoke about the current relations between China and the Philippines, focusing on the positive outcomes of President Duterte's state-visit to China last October and the recent visit to the Philippines by Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang. Consul Wang informed the audience that China attached importance to developing friendly relations and cooperation with the Philippines. Now the bilateral relationship was advancing on the right track to which both sides should treasure and work together to further consolidate and develop. Consul Wang congratulated the college for opening the new computer room and expressed her wish for future cooperation in adding Chinese language teaching into the college curriculum and other forms of exchanges.

President Macaballun thanked Consul Wang for her informative and inspiring speech and support in opening the new computer room. The Batanes State College valued its close relations with the Chinese Consulate in Laoag and wished to have more exchanges and cooperation with colleges in China. "The Batanes State College welcomes volunteers from China to teach the Chinese language at our college," he said.

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