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Remarks by Mme. Wang Jianqun, Consul & Head of Post of the Chinese Consulate in Laoag at the Ground-breaking Ceremony of the Chinese Garden


Hon. Imee R. Marcos, Governor of Ilocos Norte,

Distinguished Officials from the Province,

Hon. Mayors & Leaders of the Chinese Community,

Ladies and Gentlemen:


Good morning!

This morning, we gather here for the ground-breaking event marking the start of construction of the Chinese Garden at the Malacanang of the North overlooking the Paoay Lake. I am so proud to be someone who can do something for this great project.

This day has been a long time coming. I have been waiting for this day ever since I set my foot on the soil of Ilocos Norte. I know the idea of developing a Chinese Garden was proposed by Hon. Governor Imee Marcos as early as July 16, 2015. The conceptual plan has come true this morning. It is indeed a great honor for me to be here to see creating the fruit of Hon. Governor Imee Marcos' diligent work starting from today.

As Chinese, I feel so happy and proud that the Chinese Garden will find a home at Malacanang of the North, a home which is so close to the home of the late leader President Marcos who is well remembered not only in the Philippines but also in China. More than 42 years ago, under the leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong and President Marcos, our two countries established diplomatic relations. Ever since then, our bilateral relations have witnessed great achievements, brushing aside difficulties and differences from time to time. At present, the two leaders President Xi Jinping and President Duterte have drawn up the new blueprint for our bilateral relations. Our two countries will continue to build on a good-neighborly friendship and a strategic and cooperative relationship.

 Indeed, this Garden is a testament to our lasting friendship and the spirit of sharing different cultures. I am sure that in this garden the pillars of our common values such as diligence, harmoniousness, industriousness and peace-loving will be built. It also goes without saying that this Garden as we planed will give impetus to the local tourism in the Province as we mark China's "Tourism Year" in the ASEAN. This Garden will envisage an even broader vista for our mutually beneficial cooperation in all fields ranging from agriculture, economy, trade, education, tourism, science and technology to power industry, water irrigation, waste management and etc..

 In this sense, this Chinese Garden is to celebrate the history of our bilateral relations. This Chinese Garden is to witness the further growth of our bilateral relations.

May the construction of the Chinese Garden a great success!

Thank you!

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