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Remarks by Mme. Wang Jianqun, Consul & Head of Post of the Chinese Consulate in Laoag at the Performance by the Quanzhou Arts Troupe




Hon. Governor Imee R. Marcos & Mr. Mark Chua,

Distinguished Provincial Board Members,

Hon. Mayors,

Respected Officials from cities and counties,

Leaders and members of the local Chinese community in Laoag,

Students from Schools and Universities,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good afternoon! It gives me great honour and pleasure to attend the performance by the Quan Zhou Arts Troupe at this grand Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena.

I want to begin by thanking most sincerely the Hon. Governor Imee R. Marcos for providing us with this beautiful venue and for her gracious presence at the performance this afternoon. You know by February 6, the organizer was still looking for an appropriate show place. So as requested, I wrote to the Hon. Governor via the good office of Mr. Mark Chua, who has been very helpful all the way through, and very promptly the Hon. Governor gave the Quan Zhou Arts Troupe a green light of using this great Arena. What's more, she sent a very strong and supportive team from her Provincial Tourism Office headed by Mr. Ian B. Raquel to discuss with me on the details of the performance. Had it not been the Hon. Governor and her team from the Tourism Office, all these would have been impossible in just ten-day preparation. So I would say this is the Hon. Governor Imee Marcos' speed. This is an unusual magic which could only happen in Ilocos Norte! Now could you kindly join me in giving the Hon. Governor Imee Marcos and the Provincial Tourism Office a big round applause!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The charm of cultural arts lies in their honest reflection of our daily life. Culture and arts are without borders. Arts, including music, songs and dances, acrobatics and martial arts, which we are going to experience in a minute, empower us to surmount the barriers of geographical location, language and culture. Arts are the universal language of humankind and one of the richest means of expression for virtually every society.

The big turnout today, though a very short notice to our dear audience, I believe more than three thousands, has proven itself the charisma of the cultural exchanges between China and the Philippines. I firmly believe that cultural exchanges like this one is of great significance. It helps promote mutual learning and interaction between the Chinese culture and the Philippines culture. It helps enhance the all-round relationship between provinces in China and Ilocos Norte from strength to strength. It helps deepen mutual understanding and cement stronger friendship between the Chinese people and the people of the Philippines.

I also believe that you have experienced various kinds of arts of different nations. However, the performance that we are going to experience this afternoon is a unique part of the Chinese culture. It is a reflection of industriousness and happiness, of our harmoniousness and invigoration, of peace-loving, and of friendship between China and the Philippines.

You might have noticed that just 30 minutes ago, some of the artists of the Quan Zhou Arts Troupe rushed into the Arena with their luggage in a hurry, because they just arrived at the airport due to the delay of their flight. Let's give them a most warm welcome! The Arts Troupe has been touring the country over the past few days. Each of their performance has won thundered applause.

I hope this performance will leave our audience today some unforgettable memories. Finally, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the Quan Zhou Arts Troupe and wish their performance a resounding success!

Thank you.

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