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Speech by Consul and Head of Post, Zhao Qiaoliang at Distribution of Hybrid Rice Seeds to be Donated to Typhoon Affected Farmers (April 29, 2016)


Honorable Imee Marcos, Governor of Ilocos Norte

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning!

Today, we are happily gathering here to hold a rice seed donation ceremony. First of all, on behalf of the Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Laoag City, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Honorable Governor Imee Marcos for your unremitting efforts on developing friendly relationship between Filipinos and Chinese. Also, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all of our Filipino friends and the members of the Filipino-Chinese community for your fantastic support in our works all through the years.

In late October of 2015, Typhoon Ineng, with a category of "Super Typhoon", hammered into the Philippines and caused severe calamity in the northern part of the Philippines. Rice crops and vegetables were lost in the worst-affected district. So, some Provincial Governments have to declare a "State of Calamity" immediately.

For we have more sympathy and empathy with victims suffering from the catastrophe, we felt compassionate to the typhoon affected local friends.

As such, we decided to make a kind contribution and build closer ties with our friends. We decided to donate five (5) tons of hybrid rice seeds which would help those affected by the calamity.

For the purpose of successful arrival of shipment of the hybrid rice seeds, the Consulate had initially negotiated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China for formalities, simplified procedures, and quick approval. The ever reliable officers from the Chinese Embassy in Manila also lent a hand in facilitating the accomplishment of this endeavor. I also invited Dr. Carlos Abon to conduct a training course to you to ensure that the highest potential yield from the seeds will be achieved by the local farmers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this event is a testimony of the good relations and cooperation of our two peoples. Regardless of the differences we have, we can come together to help people in need. This is an evidence of the harmonious relationship between our two peoples.

China and the Philippines are close neighbors separated only by a strip of water. Friendship between Chinese and Filipinos can be traced back to ancient times. Even before the Spaniards has claimed to have discovered the Philippines, ancient Chinese merchants have had contact and carried out trades with the natives of this country. In fact, many of the commodities and traditions of the Chinese people were carried through the years, and later on imbedded in the Filipino culture. It is with no doubt that our two countries have long-standing social, economical and cultural relations.

The Philippines is a country with charming nature, has rich sources and hospitable people with great potentials. I've felt the friendliness of average Filipinos and have witnessed good relations between Filipino-Chinese and native Filipinos. These all speak for the fact that centuries-long people-to-people exchanges have forged an unbreakable bond between the two countries. No matter what difficulties and challenges our relationships have, I believe that these are all temporary. I firmly believe that the China-Philippines relations will have an even brighter future.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I promise that my colleagues and I will continue to enhance contacts, communication and further develop the relations between Filipino People and Chinese People. Let us all work hard together for the exchanges and friendship between our two peoples.

I would like to avail myself of this occasion, the awarding of rice seeds for local friends, to express my heartfelt greetings to you. May everyone have good health, family happiness, promising future and a year of bountiful rice farming!

Thank you.

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