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FM hails "cloud diplomacy" as "biggest highlight in China's foreign relations" in 2020


The biggest highlight in China's foreign relations has been the "cloud diplomacy" conducted at the head-of-state level, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said when commenting on China's diplomacy in 2020.

In 2020, President Xi Jinping personally planned, oversaw and engaged in "cloud diplomacy", having 87 meetings and phone calls with foreign leaders and heads of international organizations and attending 22 important bilateral or multilateral events through this virtual platform, according to Wang in a recent interview with Xinhua News Agency and China Media Group.

Xi has championed solidarity in the world's fight against COVID-19, offered a series of proposals in light of China's experience in coordinating pandemic response and economic and social development, and pointed the way forward for reforming the global governance system through "cloud diplomacy", said Wang.

"With 'cloud diplomacy', China has demonstrated its sense of responsibility, contributed its wisdom and expanded the ways it conducts foreign relations," he said.

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