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Wang Yi: To Construct Orderly Pattern of Global Governance, Rule Consciousness Must Be Established


On September 24, 2020, while attending the United Nations Security Council Virtual Summit in Beijing, Special Representative of President Xi Jinping, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, a sound global governance architecture must be undergirded by respect for law and rules. All must adhere to the basic norms governing international relations such as sovereign equality, non-interference in internal affairs and peaceful settlement of disputes. Rules must be followed and commitments be kept. Unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction need to be opposed in order to safeguard the authority and sanctity of international law. Laws and rules need to keep pace with the changing times. The international community needs to establish rules in frontier areas such as the deep sea, polar region, cyberspace and outer space, to regulate their development and ensure equitable benefits to all countries.

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