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Foreign Minister Eisenhower Mkaka of Malawi on One China Principle: Respect for Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity Is the Basic Norm of International Relations


On September 18, 2020, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke on the phone with Foreign Minister Eisenhower Mkaka of Malawi.

Wang Yi congratulated Malawi on successfully holding the presidential election and forming the new government. Wang Yi noted, Chinese and African people are brothers and sisters. The traditional friendship between the two peoples remains unshakable and becomes even firmer as time goes by. The establishment of the new Malawian government marks a new starting point for the bilateral relations. The Chinese side will continue to firmly support the Malawian side in independently exploring the development path that suits its own national conditions, and work with the Malawian side to deepen cooperation on such fields as development aid, investment and financing, health care, as well as education and culture. Both China and Malawi are developing countries, and should therefore unite even closer, firmly uphold multilateralism, and safeguard the common interests of developing countries.

Wang Yi said, the Chinese side appreciates the Malawian side for consistently honoring its commitments on the Taiwan question. The Chinese side believes that the Malawian side will continue to uphold the One China principle, and support the peaceful development of relations across the Taiwan Strait as well as the great cause of peaceful reunification of China with practical actions.

Wang Yi expressed, both China and African countries are facing the arduous tasks of fighting the COVID-19, stabilizing the economy and ensuring the people's livelihood. China will continue to give priority to supporting Africa in the international anti-epidemic cooperation, speed up the pace to implement the outcomes of the Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solidarity against COVID-19, and help Africa overcome the pandemic with the international society. The Chinese side will continue to provide Malawi with material assistance to fight COVID-19, and actively carry out cooperation on vaccines as well as diagnosis and treatment. China and Malawi should advance the pace of the resumption of work and production for cooperative projects, and contribute to the economic reconstruction and social development of Malawi after the epidemic.

Eisenhower Mkaka thanked the Chinese side for the support and help given to Malawi in economic and social development, and the fight against COVID-19. Eisenhower Mkaka expressed, the Malawian side made the right decision to establish diplomatic relations with China in 2007, which has opened a new chapter for bilateral relations. The new Malawian government cherishes its relations with China, and will resolutely pursue friendly policies towards China. No matter what international situation it faces, the Malawian side will continue to firmly support the One China principle, because the respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity is the basic norm of international relations. The Malawian side expects to deepen pragmatic cooperation on all fields with China, and promote Malawi-China relations for constant development.

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