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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Holds Talks with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza via Video Link


On 4 September, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza via video link.

Wang noted that President Xi Jinping and President Nicolás Maduro reached important consensus during their phone conversation in April, which charted the course and provided strategic guidance for the growth of bilateral relations, especially for their joint fight against COVID-19. Latin America is one of the global epicenters of COVID-19. While grappling with the challenge of COVID-19, Venezuela is resolute in its fight against acts of hegemony. China stands firmly on the side of the Venezuelan people and on the side of international fairness and justice. China supports the Venezuelan people's fight against COVID-19 and supports the Venezuelan government in safeguarding its sovereignty, national dignity and right to development.

Wang said that China attaches high importance to its relations with Venezuela. Though geographically far apart, the two countries hold largely the same views on safeguarding one's legitimate rights and interests, jointly supporting multilateralism and improving global governance. China appreciates the difficulties Venezuela faces and has provided several batches of medical supplies and sent high-caliber medical experts to the country. Venezuela was the first and largest recipient of Chinese assistance in Latin America. China is ready to offer additional help and support in light of Venezuela's needs.

Wang said that sovereign equality, peaceful settlement of disputes and non-interference in other countries' internal affairs are the most important principles of the UN Charter. And yet the United States has openly pushed for the change of the Venezuelan government. In particular, at the critical moment when the Venezuelan government and the opposition are united in battling COVID-19, the United States has further escalated its sanctions against the country, which is a clear violation of the fundamental spirit of humanitarianism.

External interference will find little support and cannot be sustained. China believes that Venezuela has the ability and wisdom to solve the problems it faces through domestic dialogue, and China stands ready to continue playing a constructive role in this regard.

Arreaza said that the cooperation and mutual support between Venezuela and China since the establishment of diplomatic ties 46 years ago has intensified their comprehensive strategic partnership.

Venezuela thanks China for sending medical experts and providing anti-epidemic supplies to Venezuela at the earliest opportunity, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with relevant Chinese companies in the R&D and use of vaccines. Venezuela also thanks China for speaking up for Venezuela on the international stage against the unfounded unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western countries. The United States does not want to see the rise of China and other emerging market economies. It is trying to hold back China's development and revive the Monroe Doctrine in Latin America. None of these attempts will ever succeed.

Venezuela firmly supports the one-China principle and believes that China will succeed in its economic and social reform agenda.

Venezuela remains committed to advancing domestic dialogue and will hold the National Assembly elections as scheduled in December.

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