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Wang Yi: the EAS Is not a Forum to Interfere in Other Countries' Internal Affairs


On 9 September 2020,regarding arbitrary comments by certain countries including the Unites States on Hong Kong affairs, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi pointed out that as a leaders-led strategic forum, the EAS is not a forum to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, still less should it be an arena for attacks against the political system of others. Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs. Non-interference into others' internal affairs is a basic norm governing international relations, and an important provision in the UN Charter. All countries are obligated to observe this principle. In judging a country's political and legal systems, it is the people of the country concerned that have the best say, not the governments or politicians of other countries.

International surveys on public opinion show that the approving rates for China's governing party and the Chinese government by the Chinese people are both high on the global rankings. This is the most powerful rebuttal to the smears and attacks against China.

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