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Wang Yi on the Three-point Important Consensus During His Trip to Europe


On September 1, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas jointly met the press in Berlin. A journalist asked, what consensus has been reached during the trip to the five European countries?

Wang Yi said, the trip to five European countries is the first by the Chinese foreign minister to Europe when prevention and control against the COVID-19 pandemic have become a new normal. It is a strategic communication between China and European countries against the backdrop of mounting uncertainties in the international situation. All five countries attach great importance to their relations with China. They all hope to resume exchanges and cooperation with the Chinese side as soon as possible, and are willing to strengthen communication and coordination with the Chinese side to jointly tackle global challenges. In the meantime, I can also feel that European countries have concerns too. One is that the global epidemic continues to spread and the world economy is facing a deep recession; the other is that unilateralism continues to rise and multilateralism is severely impacted; the third is that artificial "decoupling" and division will be created, and competition and confrontation will be intensified in the international situation.

Wang Yi said, I have conducted candid and in-depth communication with the leaders and foreign ministers of the five countries on bilateral relations and the international situation, and reached broad consensus. Among them, there are three main points:

First is to uphold multilateralism and oppose unilateralism. The strongest voice heard during my trip to Europe is that we need to steadfastly safeguard multilateralism, and we agreed on this. In summary, China and the European Union need to step up collaboration, adhere to the concept of multilateralism, take multilateral actions, abide by multilateral agreements and strengthen multilateral institutions.

Second is to promote solidarity and cooperation while taking a stand against division and "decoupling". We all agree that China and the EU need to enhance cooperation in fighting COVID-19, and to resume personnel exchanges and practical cooperation as soon as possible, to make "China-EU contributions" to the recovery and growth of the global economy. We all agree that, we should, in a responsible attitude towards the future and destiny of mankind, jointly resist the counter-current of inciting division, "decoupling" and confrontation, to prevent the world from slipping back into "the law of the jungle".

Third is to safeguard the overall situation of China-EU relations and properly manage differences. We all believe that we should adhere to the positioning of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership and grasp the dominant aspect of China-EU relations. Regarding differences between China and the EU, the two sides need to deepen understanding through equal-footed dialogue, enhance mutual trust through candid exchanges, achieve win-win results through mutually beneficial cooperation and manage differences in a constructive manner.

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