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Wang Yi: China and the United States Are Not in a Struggle for Power. The US Is Now on the Wrong Side of History


On August 30, 2020 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech at the French Institute of International Relations and answered questions from the guests.

Executive Chairman of the French Institute of International Relations Thierry de Montbrial asked, the United States refuses to accept the possibility of losing its dominance in the world and it seems that this mentality will not change no matter what the outcome of the US presidential election is. But China, France and the European Union all support multilateralism. How can we avoid a "new Cold War" between China and the US?

Wang Yi said, the Chinese side has a clear view, that is, all countries are equal members of the international community and have their right to development. The US developed first, and we congratulate it on its development. At the same time, China also has the right to development, and the Chinese people also have the right to live a happy life, so do the brothers and sisters in other emerging economies and developing countries, including Africa. This request is legitimate and reasonable.

Wang Yi said, in light of this, the Chinese side has always advocated and believed that the world will move towards multi-polarity and international relations also need to be democratized. A healthy and stable world should not be dominated by only one or two countries. The sovereign equality of all countries is a basic principle of the Charter of the United Nations. As a world power, the US should adopt an inclusive attitude towards the development of other countries and realize that the people of other countries have the same right to live a good life as the American people. If all the seven billion people in the world can move towards modernization, this will be a huge progress for human society. The US may be unwilling to give up its dominance in the world, but the history is rolling forward unstoppably. We firmly believe that the day of the common development of mankind will finally come. The Chinese side has never wanted to fight a "new Cold War" with anyone. And in the era of globalization, there will be no "Cold War" because it is impossible to divide the world into two or three camps again. All countries have been interwoven with each other and become a community of shared interests. In the future, we should jointly build a community of shared future for mankind advocated by President Xi Jinping.

Wang Yi expressed, regarding China-US relations, I would like to talk about three basic ideas. First, the differences or contradictions between China and the US are not a struggle for power, status, or social system, but the persistence of multilateralism or unilateralism, and the advocacy of win-win cooperation or zero-sum game. This is the essence of the current problems facing China-US relations. It is believed that all countries in the world have been very clear that the US is now on the wrong side of history.

Second, the current US diplomacy seems to be all about unilateral sanctions, defamation and attacks. Faced with the groundless accusations made by the US against China, the Chinese side must clarify the facts and make necessary responses. As an independent country, we have the right to do so. We are not only safeguarding China's national interests and national dignity, but also maintaining the basic norms of international relations.

Third, the door to China-US dialogue is open. We are ready to have a candid and in-depth exchange of views with the US side on issues of common concern at any time. We believe that there are always people in the US who are reasonable, and the two sides can still negotiate and reach consensus. The Chinese side also welcomes a constructive role of European countries, including France, in the easing of China-US relations, and is happy to see that Europe adheres to strategic autonomy and provides stability for this uncertain world.

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