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Wang Yi on the Four Key Messages of His Europe Visit


On 25 August local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met the press in Rome with his Italian counterpart Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. When asked about the purpose of his Europe visit and the messages this visit aims to send, Wang said the following:

I have come to Europe to enhance China-Europe solidarity and cooperation against COVID-19. In the wake of this raging, China and Europe have assisted each other and played an exemplary role in the global fight against the virus. China is a nation that reciprocates kindness and helps those in need. We will never forget Europe’s support to China at the height of our fight against COVID-19, and will not sit idly by when Europe is facing the same challenge. With its domestic spread under effective control, China will continue to share its expertise with other members of the global village and provide necessary support to help Europe prevail over the virus at an early date.

I have come to Europe to show China’s continued support to the unity and development of Europe. A united, stable and prosperous Europe benefits not only itself, but also the world at large. This is China’s consistent and clear position and strategic assessment. COVID-19 has brought new challenges to Europe’s development. China’s actions will demonstrate that it remains a staunch supporter of European integration and Europe’s reliable strategic partner as Europe continues to pursue unity and development.

I have come to Europe to further strengthen China-Europe relations. China and Europe have proven together that a growing China-Europe relationship has not only brought tremendous benefits to both peoples, but also contributed significantly to the development of the world. While this relationship is now on the whole growing with a sound momentum, it is experiencing external attempts to sow discord or even sabotage the relationship between our two sides. To safeguard our common interests, China and Europe must strengthen our resolve, overcome distractions and difficulties, and keep our relations on a sound, stable trajectory.

I have come to Europe to reinforce commitment to world peace and development. Apart from COVID-19, our world is faced with a host of other threats and challenges such as the resurgence of unilateralism, protectionism and the Cold War mentality, to name just a few. China and Europe are the world’s two great civilizations and major forces. China is ready to communicate and coordinate more closely with Europe, jointly uphold the existing international system underpinned by multilateralism as we mark the 75th anniversary of the United Nations this year, and each do our own part to ensure that the course of human history will continue to move in the right direction.

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