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Wang Yi: China and the Netherlands Should Set an Example for Free Trade, Mutual Openness and Fair Competition


On August 26, 2020, local time, when holding talks with Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok in the Hague, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, China and the Netherlands should jointly stick to the concept of multilateralism, and set an example for safeguarding free trade, adhering to mutual openness, and advocating fair competition.

Wang Yi said, multilateralism is facing challenges at present. Supporting multilateralism is the universal voice of the international community and the underpinning of many countries, especially some small and medium-sized countries, to survive and develop. Without multilateralism, the world will go back to "law of the jungle", which is to reverse the course of history. The Chinese side firmly supports multilateralism and is willing to work with all countries, including the Netherlands, to practice multilateralism and safeguard multilateralism with concrete actions.

Wang Yi pointed out, China and the Netherlands should set an example for safeguarding free trade. Globalization represents an inevitable trend in the development of mankind and a manifestation of social progress. The Netherlands advocates free trade, and China is also a beneficiary of free trade. China and the Netherlands should jointly push the reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO), so as to make WTO continue to play its role as the cornerstone of the free trade system.

China and the Netherlands should set an example for adhering to mutual openness. Opening-up is the very foundation of the Netherlands and a consistent policy of the Chinese side. Adhering to mutual openness is vital to the common progress of China and the Netherlands. The Chinese side will build a new system of open economy with a higher level and is willing to share the opportunities of Chinese markets with other countries in the world.

China and the Netherlands should set an example for advocating fair competition. It is hoped that all parties will stick to the principle of fair competition, give play to the decisive role of the market in allocating resources, and provide a fair, just, open, and non-discriminatory business environment for enterprises of all countries.

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