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Wang Yi: Starting a "New Cold War" Is to Reverse Course of History, to Serve One's Own Interests, and Kidnap the World


On August 25 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio jointly met the press in Rome. A journalist asked about the Chinese side's comments on the so-called claim that China and the United States (US) are possibly heading into a "new Cold War".

Wang Yi said, the Chinese side does not intend to engage in such a "new Cold War" and is firmly opposed to hyping about a so-called "new Cold War". Claiming to start "a new Cold War" is to reverse the course of history, to serve one's own interests, and to kidnap people around the world. Such an attempt is against the world development trend. It is believed that countries in the world are not going to agree with the attempt. Instead, we are going to join hands to oppose anyone who is trying to drag us back into that "law of the jungle".

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